Kids Ministry

SouthPoint CC believes kids are amazingly important in God’s eye and so they are in ours, too. On Sunday morning we have four groups for kids 0-12 years of age

·        0-2 years of age – Creche (Fire) crackers

·        3-5 years of age – Bubbles

·        6-8 years of age – Splash

·        9-12 years of age – Xstream

Each of these groups have one or two designated leaders each week. They do lots of fun activities and games designed for their developmental stage while they learn about Jesus and what it means to follow him.

At SouthPoint we take seriously the opportunity to partner with parents in helping kids to trust Jesus. Because of this we

·        We chat often with parents about how we see their kids are going and courageous steps they are taking

·        Have a team of other support leaders who train and support what we do so that kids love being a part of our church

·        Have special ‘team’ shirts to express the strength of unity and purpose we have together

·        Do a rite of passage at the end of Yr 6 with a course called ‘Gravitas’ to help prepare our 12 year olds to step out of a ‘kid mindset’ into the next stage of life with its privileges and responsibilities. 

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