Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care is to express God’s love, through caring for the needs of people, to build quality relationships, restore individual lives, build healing communities, praying for each person, and growing disciples of Jesus at Southpoint Church of Christ.

The Pastoral Care team encourages existing SouthPoint connect groups to establish trust, loyalty and confidence through long-term relationships and provide guidance and oversight to a group of God’s people. Pastoral Care involves nurturing, discipling, influencing, caring for and guiding people towards ongoing spiritual maturity. Ideally, we want everyone at Southpoint to be connected to and be involved in a Connect group. Small groups are an amazing avenue to provide pastoral care.

Top 5 priorities for Pastoral Care:

§ Build each other up as a Pastoral Care Team.

§ Listen to people and have meaningful conversations.

§ Build confidence and trust amongst ourselves as a team and church members.

§ Provide practical support in a variety of forms.

§ Be in prayer for the needs in our congregation and provide prayer after the Sunday service.

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